Nerd Olympics 2018 – Go Karts

It’s our favourite time of the year! Nerd Olympics season is upon us! And this year we are (co)Reigning Champions! That means there is a lot to look forward to and even more pressure to perform than ever before!

We started practicing two weeks ago with our friends from Electrozad, training every Thursday at Warp Drive, getting the feel of the track, scouting out the cars and practicing the best lines and strategies. Coached by some very enterprising gentlemen who race ACTUAL race cars, we were confident in our ability to dominate the track.

The race format was a relay race with two heats of 8 to accommodate all 16 Nerd teams. Each team had 1 hour to complete as many laps as possible in the lowest time with the lowest average time being used to determine ranking. Each driver could race for about 15 minutes before signalling them into the pit area for a driver change (clock still running) and continue on.

Jamie, Kyle, Andrew and Sarah were racing against their training partners from Electrozad in the first heat of 8 cars. After an hour (and some timing blips in the system) was over, Electrozad and Brave placed first and second respectively.

We retreated to our racing HQ, the trusty RV owned by our favourite Electrozad Automation Specialist, to unwind watch the next race and wait for the results.

Alas, it seemed like that second heat was a bit faster than us, seeing Transform come first, the team from Centerline coming second, and Electrozad finishing third place.

We ended up 4th very very close but very happy that our partners from Electrozad performed so well in their first ever Nerd Olympics event!