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Brave specializes in solving varied, complex manufacturing and industrial automated systems integration issues. We can provide all services required to design, build and commission the controls solution for your automation or process project.

  • Siemens

  • Rockwell

  • Schneider Electric

  • Omron

  • Mitsubishi Electric

  • Wonderware

  • InduSoft

  • Indramat

  • Motoman

  • ABB

  • Fanuc

  • Nachi

  • And more

We offer complete electrical and fluid schematic design services utilizing AutoCAD and ePLAN for projects of any size. Our design team is capable of delivering high quality accurate drawing packages with extensive experience in the following:

  • Electrical Design & Drafting

  • Control Panel Build

  • Panel Upgrades and Retrofits

  • VFD/Servo System Upgrades

  • Legacy Controller Upgrades

  • Safety and Guarding

  • Robotic Reach Studies

Brave professionals are fully capable of completing custom software design and development projects across a wide variety of platforms and applications, transforming your manufacturing issues into custom automated solutions.

  • PLC Logic

  • Human Machine Interface

  • Motion Control

  • Robotics

  • Vision Systems

  • Program Conversion & Upgrades

  • Custom Software Development

Our knowledgeable technical specialists are dedicated to facilitating a smoother, faster integration and verification onsite.

  • Electrical Debug and Testing

  • Installation and Build

  • Part Run-offs

  • Cycle Time Improvement

Brave will provide direct access to experienced technicians who are committed to minimizing your downtime and optimizing your control systems productivity. Our team is uniquely capable and equipped to support the needs of a wide range of project types – from large, complex, multi-vendor initiatives to short duration, resource specific engagements.

  • Program Recovery

  • Production Support

  • Hardware Failure Diagnostics

  • Troubleshooting

  • Wiring Debug

  • Robot Programming and Teaching

  • Operational and Maintenance Manuals

  • Custom Training including Classroom and Hands-on Operator Training

Brave has incorporated best practices from manufacturing, software engineering and design processes to create a “tiered deliverable system” which we use to manage the technical delivery of the project. We pair dedicated project managers with our most experienced technical experts in order to handle any or all of the following in order to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

  • Risk Management

  • Project Scheduling

  • Project Budgets

  • Supplier/Contractor Management

  • Material and Delivery Management

With Siemens Digital Industries software programs, we are able to provide our customers with accurate and realistic Time Based Simulations, to aid in the design process, cutting down costly mistakes and rework, as well as Event Based simulations, to speed up the commissioning process to reduce downtime.

  • Cycle Time Evaluation and Optimization

  • Material Flow Visualization

  • Machine Process Visualization

  • Robotic Path Validation and Optimization

  • PLC & HMI Validation

  • System Control & Program Validation

  • Virtual Commissioning & Virtual Twin

Industrial Automation Equipment And Automation Solutions systems Integrator

Why not leverage our capabilities to design and deliver a control system custom built to your specific needs?



At Brave we leverage the collective experiences gained from many industries, technologies, and years of service to solve problems uniquely and effectively. So challenge us with your toughest problems and we’ll help you solve them with expertise and creativity using the latest tools, Industrial Robotic Automation, techniques and best practices.

Brave brings over 80 years of industry experience to automated assembly projects.  Whether we specify equipment, provide cycle time analysis, integrate the entire system together or just add automation to a mechanical concept that has already been designed, our experience adds value to the solution at every phase of the project.

  • Gantries

  • CNCs

  • Conveyor Systems

  • Seating Line Integration

  • Robotic MIG Welding cells

  • Spot Welding Cells

Brave personnel have been successfully executing press control systems integration and automation projects for over 20 years. Our staff has hands-on experience with numerous metal forming applications. With our depth and breadth of experience we are well suited to design, service, and support your metal forming projects.

  • Robotic Transfer Tandem Lines

  • Transfer Press Lines

  • Safety Upgrades

  • Die Protection

  • Servo Press Feeders

  • Hydraulic Press Control

  • Setup & Tonnage Calibration and Upgrades

Brave professionals have been completing foundry projects since 1996, with extensive industry experience in aluminum sand casting, iron sand casting, sand reclaim systems, bag house systems, and cleaning lines. From managing the complete project to completing the electrical design and integration we have the experience and expertise to support your application.

  • Aluminum Sand Casting

  • Iron Sand Casting

  • Sand Reclaim Systems

  • Automated Iron Handling Systems

  • Bag House Systems and Cleaning Lines

The food and beverage industry makes the most of Brave’s ability to integrate systems to solve unique challenges. A true integration project requires multiple processes to work as a single system. Brave’s experienced team can handle all of it – from specifying the latest equipment necessary to solve customer challenges to tying all that equipment together to obtain the desired outcome.

  • Taco Shell Forming

  • Air Handler System

  • Vision & Inspection Systems

  • Packaging

  • Pellet Press Controls

  • PLC Refit for Biowaste Plant/Chemical Treat System

The team at Brave is committed to providing high quality engineering services and support to our customers in the aerospace industry. Our team is capable of providing all of the essential services needed to transform manufacturing issues into custom automated solutions.

  • Cryovac Furnace System

  • Spindle Test Cell

  • Powder Coat System

  • AutoCAD & Design Support

  • Programming Support & Conversion