We are so happy and proud to share that the June 27th Miracle Day initiative across Windsor & Essex County was a resounding success.

Started entirely by individuals, this grass roots movement grew quickly into a verifiable army of volunteers all united together by one single purpose and goal:

Make a Miracle happen.

And together we did. Together, Windsor-Essex county opened their doors to place their donations, or donated their time by volunteering and together we were able to collect 2,020,500 pounds of food. According to Blackburn news that is enough to feed 28,850 households or 67,316 individuals for a year.

As community leaders and award winning fundraisers (3rd place Canada Blood Drive, 2nd Place Women Shelter Donations, 2nd Place FIRST Robotics donations in Nerd Olympic) we are so proud to be a part of such an amazing community and are proud to have done our part in making this miracle happen.

Way to go Windsor-Essex! Way to go YQG!

Volunteers are STILL needed to sort through the food at the WFCU center. If you missed your chance to be part of the miracle you still can!

Visit the official June 27th Miracle Facebook page for the most up to date information and calls to action.