Quarantine was weird. We can all come out and agree on that now right?
The world changed and responded so rapidly to the emergence and spread of COVID-19, that it felt like the walls came down around us almost overnight, trapping everyone at home with no obvious ending or return to normalcy in sight. It was only natural to feel uneasy and lost at first, but as time wore on and people adjusted it was astonishing to see the incredible ways people adapted in order to overcome this overwhelming experience and time in their lives.
Our amazingly creative staff is no exception. When quarantine hit they got creative in order to stay sharp and stay sane. So we want to spotlight our diverse team and share the things that kept them going. Each week we will spotlight one of our awesome team members and share what they did during quarantine that kept them from going completely crazy.


Sarah, one of our lead design engineers at Brave, was already an avid baker before the lock-down kept her and her new husband home indefinitely. So used to having friends, family and her colleagues at Brave to share new recipes and creations with, she quickly overwhelmed her husband’s diet with homemade chocolate chip cookies. They eventually came to the agreement that perhaps she needed to try a different hobby that involved a smaller amount of baked goods…
Luckily, Sarah had an introductory crochet kit that came with all the materials as well as an instructional YouTube video to follow along and learn from in order to complete a basic crocheted blanket.
After taking two weeks start to finish, learning the necessary techniques on the blanket tutorial Sarah finished her first project. Elated with her final product and confident in her newly developed skills, Sarah decided to pass trying her hand at more traditional items like hats, mittens or scarves and dive into something a little more complicated and much more her style…
Following another series of YouTube tutorials, Sarah began crocheting dolls of some of her favorite colorful pop culture characters in order to cheer up her family and friends! Charmander, Baby Yoda, Baby Groot and a baby unicorn all took Sarah only a day to complete.
After following along with YouTube tutorials, Sarah was now confident in her abilities and was able to complete numerous projects without videos and only a pattern to guide her.  Sarah decided to challenge herself and tackle a larger project for a notoriously picky and hard to please family member…
Thankfully the owner of the brand new cat couch turned out to be VERY pleased with the outcome; a relief since the project took two solid weeks to complete.
Now as the world starts to open back up and the new normal for the forseeable future is upon us, Sarah still plans to keep at crocheting as a way to wind down and relax while watching TV with her husband and cat…on separate couches.
Controls Specialist
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