“Unable to Copy Block” Error in Siemens Step7

As s Certified Siemens Solution Partner we are used to working with Siemens software and have received extensive training. But we are still human beings and as we all know, errors can occur and sometimes it is a struggle to figure out what is going, especially if you are working on a time sensitive project. You might find a fix for an error or a workaround, and then forget the trick the next time.

Take this error for example:

“Unable to Copy Block Error” in Siemens Step7

If you ever get the “Unable to copy block xxxx” error, it is most likely due to the fact that you are using memory outside of the range of the particular PLC you are using.

In the image below, we were trying to download a block that uses M3737.0 and M3838.0 on a 315 PLC. However, if you look in the specs, the 315 only has 2048 bytes of memory, meaning the highest addressable bit you could use on this PLC would be M2047.7. (You can find the specs for s300 PLCs HERE under section 8 and 9)

Check the block and make sure you aren’t using any memory outside of the PLCs range. If that’s not the case, s300 PLCs also have a limit on the amount of Inputs, Outputs, Timers, Counters, DBs, etc. Check the specs HERE to see what is outside of the allowable range.

Unable to Copy Block Error Step7

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