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Brave Control Solutions is a trusted solutions Industrial Automation Company and service partner to Fortune 500 manufacturers across North America. Our customers rely on us to solve their tough challenges because we offer proven engineering expertise, best-in-class partnerships, and the latest automation technologies. When timelines are tight, Brave’s proprietary high performance delivery system is depended on to pull the changes forward, mitigate risks and ensure on time delivery.

 Automation Innovation Company: Our Values, Our Process

With a 10 year track record of proven success, our customers have come to appreciate the qualities that make Brave unique in the industry.  Fortune 500 manufacturers and their suppliers bring us their tough challenges and tight timelines because of our ability to design and deliver the highest quality automation solutions. It’s Brave’s ability to blend extensive technical acumen and a commitment to strong project management that makes us who we are.



Our high performance delivery system supports the needs of customers who demand a higher degree of collaboration and visibility throughout the life-cycle of a project.  Brave’s proprietary tiered methodology  pulls changes forward to mitigate risks earlier – virtually eliminating missed deadlines and unforeseen cost overruns.   What’s more, we approach every initiative with a high degree of professionalism and accountability.  This means you’ll always have a partner that shares responsibility for your desired project outcomes.