Nerd Olympics Event #5

Since our event #5 for the WEtech Alliance Nerd Olympics competition coming up tonight is a SOLO team affair… we wanted to give all of our competitors the chance to meet the team we’ve put together for the Hidden Trail Escape Rooms challenge.

We spent a lot of time planning, calculating, even virtually simulating, to identify the key critical factors that go into creating the perfectly balanced escape team.

After over a month of hard work…we think we’ve engineered the PERFECT escape squad to take down Next Dimension Inc.

Good luck tonight to our escape nerds!


Since the event has now passed we are proud to announce that our escape team crushed the competition! Our team completed the 45 minute challenge in just under 15 minutes and WITHOUT USING ANY CLUES. Big thank you to Hidden Trail Escape Rooms for a fun 15 minutes!

Sarah_The Captain
Kyle_The Thinker
Luke_The Solver
Danielle_The Coach