On the morning of Wednesday October 26, we were greeted to a strange sight just outside our office door…a pink porta potty stood glistening in the morning sunlight…and with it came a challenge – raise $100 by 4PM to have it removed or be stuck with the toilet for another day.

The Canadian Cancer Society, with the support of Festival Tent and Party Rentals, have been facilitating the delivery of the pink porta potty all across Windsor and Essex county for the month of October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Businesses all across the region have played host to the pink porta potty and were all met with the same challenge: raise a minimum of $100 to support breast cancer research in order to remove the toilet and send it to another company.

Brave was nominated by 3 separate companies; our friends over at Next Dimension Inc, Centerline, and Electrozad Supply all nominated Brave to host the porta potty. And we’ve never been a company to step down or back away from a challenge…Brave rose to the opportunity by providing our employees with a unique fundraising strategy…donate money to the cause to send another employee to go sit in the toilet.

A $5 donation sends another employee to the potty for 5 minutes, $10 for ten minutes, and so on. Employees could avoid having to sit in the cold, damp toilet by either matching the donation of the person nominating them, or by donating $20 or more to keep them safe from nominations the rest of the day. Our employees embraced the challenge and raised over $400 in just 2 hours. We even opened up the challenge to our followers on social media, letting them nominate Brave employees to go and sit outside in the porta potty.

By day’s end the Brave team had raised $740, which our owner Brent McPhail happily agreed to match to bring the day’s total contributions to breast cancer research to $1480. We would like to extend a huge thanks to all of our friends, family and employees who participated in this event to support a great cause!

For more information on how you can contribute please visit: http://www.cancer.ca/en/about-us/contact-us/windsor-essex-on/?region=on