FIRST Lego League – Brave Rookie Robots

Last Friday November 15 was a PD Day for area school boards so FIRST LEGO League Team #37527, more commonly known as the Brave Rookie Robots, stopped by our office to drop off a thank you gift to our President, Brent McPhail, for being their platinum and title sponsor for this past year.

They brought with them the robot they built this year and were very proud to explain its design, function and programming to our engineers on staff. Our engineers in return were happy to show them the LEGO press we keep in the office, a 1/25 scale functioning model of a transfer press we previously worked on. We also showed them our Siemens s7-1511 Test & Demo unit which is currently running Tetris programmed with TIA portal v.15

Some of the members of The 2018 Brave Rookie Robots paid us a visit on their PD day to thank us for sponsoring their season

The Brave Rookie Robots getting a look at our Tetris program and asking questions about the technology we use everyday

Brave is a proud supporter of multiple FIRST ROBOTICS teams in the area, but team #37527 is the only FIRST LEGO team we sponsor. It was a fascinating experience to meet some members of the team and see how passionate they got when describing their robot design, the issues they faced and how they solved them with our engineers.

FIRST LEGO is growing in the region and FIRST programs are crucial to supporting and encouraging the next generation of future scientists and engineers.We are proud to announce that we will once again be Team #37527’s platinum sponsor and are looking forward to them no longer being the Brave ROOKIE Robots, but seeing what else they can come up with in the coming year!

The league is growing across the region which is fantastic to see! The Windsor Star just shared this article with pictures and videos of another FIRST LEGO team talking about the benefits of the program!

Link to the Windsor Star Article HERE

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