Nerd Olympics – Axe Throwing

This has been an extremely humbling year for the Nerd Olympics.

Never in the last 3 years have we ever been so far down the leaderboard. We’re not last, but the competition has been much fiercer this year than previously! The rookie teams have been coming out in full force and all the teams across the board have put on a strong showing making this year’s competition one of the tightest races we’ve seen so far and also one of the most exciting and fun!

We decided we needed to put in the extra effort and REALLY practice for axe throwing if we wanted to stand a chance at reclaiming our title as Nerd Olympic Champions. So we headed out on Friday night and had a good solid hour of Bad Axe practice with dedicated coaches and the place to ourselves. We mastered the two hand throw, the one hand throw, and dabbled with the underhand before determining we were ready. We picked our team and our spares and took the rest of the weekend to rest for Monday.

Competition time rolled around and we knew we had to come out strong. We were up against the current leaders in the competition, rookie team Eleven Winds. In order to stand a chance at the rest of the tournament we knew we had to take them down. The first round consisted of 3 separate matches, with all 4 members taking 8 throws total on each board and calculating the scores. The 4 highest cumulative scores across all three matches would advance to the second round.

We beat Eleven Winds in our first match, trounced the City of Windsor in our second, and lost a very close match to our friends at Electrozad in our third and final match. All that was left was to wait for the final scores. We easily made it into the Top 4 teams to advance to the second round at 8PM. With an hour to kill we headed across the street to the bowling alley to refuel and recharge before returning for the second round.

We made it back with just barely enough time to finish our nachos and start the second round. This round would be quick and decide our fate. One match versus Splice Digital. Ten throws each. High score moves on. We fought valiantly but must have lost some steam somewhere between Bad Axe and the bowling alley because our cumulative score of 89 left us in 8th place and sadly out of the race.

But all is not lost! Our friends from Electrozad came out in third place and our rivals from Onyx scored the spirit point, no doubt for their realistic lumberjack costumes. Two events left but they happen to be our strongest. Plenty of points still up for grabs and as we know with the Nerd Olympics…ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

So don’t count us out yet!