Announcing NEW Simulation Capabilities & Services

As part of our commitment to continually expanding our technical knowledge base, we are pleased to announce our ability to provide simulation services utilizing Siemens Digital Industries Software (formerly  Siemens PLM software).

Using Siemens NX for engineering design and modeling, we can support every aspect of planning and development, from detailed concept design modelling through to engineering analyses and manufacturing.

With Siemens Tecnomatix we can take the completed designs and models from NX even further and connect the virtual environment to our completed PLC or robot program to fully validate and test our programs and designs.

Through our new capabilities working with these Siemens Digital Industries software programs, we are now able to provide our customers with accurate and realistic Time Based Simulations, to aid in the design process, cutting down costly mistakes and rework, as well as Event Based simulations, to speed up the commissioning process to reduce downtime.

Time Based Simulation with Siemens NX and Tecnomatix Process Simulate

Our time based simulation starts by completely modelling a project in NX.  Once we’ve modeled it we can review it with the customer to validate its accuracy and then work with them to establish the precise sequencing for every variation of the mechanical operation. Once established, we can take that sequence of operations and animate the NX model within Tecnomatix based on precisely timed actions in order to visualize the entire process working and moving in tandem.

Time Based Simulation is the perfect way to affordably test and validate a proposed design and/or process BEFORE becoming too heavily invested in the hardware and solution, eliminating the risk of rework.


  • Cycle Time Evaluation and Optimization

  • Material Flow Visualization

  • Machine Process Visualization

  • Robotic Path Validation and Optimization

  • Collision Detection

Siemens NX advanced modelling and design capabilities.

Event Based Simulation with Siemens NX and Tecnomatix Process Simulate

An Event Based Simulation will take a project modelled in NX, bring it into Tecnomatix where it can be virtually bridged to real world hardware. Within Tecnomatix the virtual environment is tied directly to the real world hardware so we can run the simulation from an actual PLC and HMI and see how things operate in real time.

Event Based Simulation allows us to validate and test our code in a safe, risk free environment BEFORE it is necessary to take a machine out of production, significantly cutting down on the disconnect downtime.


  • PLC Validation

  • HMI Validation

  • System Control

  • Robotic Program Validation

  • Virtual Drive Commissioning

  • Virtual Commissioning

  • Remote Support via Virtual Twin

We are constantly expanding our knowledge base and experience with continuous learning and training. Talk to a member of our team today to discuss how simulation with Siemens can help your next project!

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