Summer Party 2019 and Nerd Olympic Training

Every summer we like to throw our staff a party. It gives everyone the chance to get together outside of work, relax, socialize and forget about the pressures of the jobs  and focus on what really makes Brave unique: our ability to have fun!

With the Nerd Olympic competition looming, we wanted to get a jump start on practice for the bull riding event. With only one bull in the county, odds are any practice we wanted to get in would be limited and not quite, exclusive.

So we rented our own all the way from Toronto and set it up in our owner’s yard for our summer party!

We had a great time practicing on the bull and socializing with all our coworkers! Thank you to Josh Elmer for cranking the tunes for us and Choppys Kitchen for catering the best BBQ we’ve ever tasted! The food and music were incredible and made for a very awesome afternoon and evening!

Thank you to our owner Brent McPhail was graciously hosting and to everyone who helped organize!