Nerd Olympics – Bull Riding

This past Monday night our team competed in event #3 of WETech Alliance’s Nerd Olympics Competition. Since we went a little overboard in our training by renting our own mechanical bull for our backyard summer party we figured we had this one in the bag.

TURNS OUT that every bull is unique, and a LOT of the teams had some pretty skilled bull riders of their own. Because just being able to ride the bull with skill and style was not enough for WETech. No. Not at all.

Competitors needed to be able to remove 10 plastic balls placed on the bull and throw them into targets to score points. While our team was stacked with skilled bull riders, our ball throwing skills left a little to be desired.

However, our dedication to practice, our style on and off the bull and our vigorous coaching of other participants on the sidelines was enough to net us the coveted SPIRIT POINT.

Finally after 3 events Brave gets on the board! We had a blast hanging out with our team and our friends from other teams all night! Thank you to WETech and Bull and Barrel for putting on another great event!