Nerd Olympics 2019 – Mini Putt

It is finally our favourite time of the year! 

WETech Alliance’s Nerd Olympics has returned for the 4th year! This year’s Opening Ceremonies was hosted by our friends from the first ever Nerd Olympics Silver Tee Golf and Virtual Gaming who always know how to show us a good time!

We were sad to have to relinquish the coveted Nerd Cup but were happy to reunite with old friends and competitors and also to welcome the new rookie teams to the competition, Eleven Winds, Onyx Engineering, Data Realm, Kelcom, Green Shield Canada, and Halight!

Our team was paired up with newbies from Halight, a local software company. They were a lot of fun to golf with and we enjoyed  attempting the challenges that Silver Tee had lined up for each hole. Each hole had a special ‘handicap’ or challenge. Our first on Hole 7 was to make your first putt with the putter behind your back. These shenanigans really made the game a lot more interesting!


One thing WETech didn’t anticipate was how awfully slow nerds take at mini putt. We were running short on time as it was, when a huge storm cloud rolled in! With safety in mind they called us inside and tallied up the scores with everyone’s first 8 holes.

3 rookie teams ended up placing in the first event! Unprecedented!

Congratulations to Green Shield, Eleven Winds, Next Dimension for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd and to the coveted spirit point winners from Data Realm! Despite our pro golf captain and having the largest cheering squad we placed 9th. Not our best but not too shabby.

The rookies are coming out strong and we are excited to continue competing against everyone!

Let the best nerds win!