Nerd Olympics 2018 – Foot Golf

We should have practiced.

We tried to schedule a practice session for our 4 team members this week, but there wasn’t a single day preceding the event that worked for everyone to get together for a practice round. It was agreed by unanimous decision that since the event constituted kicking a ball at a target, that practice would not be necessary. Our 4 participants who had signed up all signed up confident in their kicking abilities. They had all kicked balls when they were younger. Now they were older, smarter, heavier. Surely they could still boot a ball…

And they could! We were paired up with Coulter Software on the 1st hole and our team kicked admirably across 9 holes, coming in close to par on almost all the holes.

Unfortunately it was not enough and we ended the night with a disappointing 8th place finish but we are far from out of the game!