Nerd Olympics 2018 – Lawn Bowling

Our team was hungry for a win at event #2 of the WETech Alliance’s Nerd Olympics Wednesday night.

We took our chosen foursome out to Windsor Lawn Bowling Club Monday night for some practice and soon found ourselves addicted to the sports simple premise and surprising challenges. Aim the bowl (not ball, it is definitely NOT called a ball because it is NOT a sphere) for the small target (called a jack). Get as close to the jack as you can and get as many bowls closer than the other team to score points. Pretty simple.

We came away from our practice session with a lot of confidence, some tips on throwing (and dress code) and were optimistic for our success on Wednesday.

Thankfully the weather held out and it was a gorgeous evening; not too hot and no rain!

Our first match was against the City of Windsor. Skip Kyle made a clutch save in the last end, knocking the jack back and cinching our victory. He made a similar move in our next match against Radix to give us 2-0.

A decisive win in our third match was all we needed to make it to the gold medal match against Splice Digital!
Up 2-0 in the first 2 ends, Splice used their power play to score double points and tie up the match. One end to decide gold medal victory!

We couldn’t hold on and lost the match by a single point to claim silver medals!

The volunteers and organizers at Windsor Lawn Bowling Club were absolutely fantastic! We honestly cannot say enough great things about them and their commitment to not only their sport but also to their community and the City of Windsor. You absolutely must get out to the Windsor Lawn Bowling Club on a beautiful day and check it out for yourselves. Guaranteed you will have a blast!