Nerd Olympics – #1 Archery & A-TAG

The opening ceremonies and event 1 launched last night at the Windsor Sportsmen’s Club!

Our Brave archers started off with a little target practice for their first challenge. They shot well but those pesky foam animals proved to be trickier targets than we expected! Kyle, Sarah, Melissa and Ian managed to accumulate 37 points together in the first round. Not bad!

With the sun setting, we headed to the opposite end of the field where the A-TAG archery tag course was set up. We cheered on some of the other teams before our own match. It is harder than it looks! 1 point for hitting an opponent, 3 points for knocking out their targets, and 2 points for catching an opponents arrow out of the air. Catching an arrow out of the air is WAY harder than it looks but Kyle was an ace at catching the arrows as they whizzed by his head. Our team was able to get 20 points in the match bringing our total points to 57 for the event.

Sadly 57 was only good enough for 4th place, and despite bringing enthusiastic cheerleaders we didn’t nab the Spirit Point! But we will definitely be back for more Archery Tag next summer!