At Brave, we leverage our collective experience gained from across many different industries in order to solve problems uniquely and effectively.


Brave professionals have been completing foundry projects since 1996, with extensive industry experience in aluminum sand casting, iron sand casting, sand reclaim systems, bag house systems, and cleaning lines. Recent projects include a major aluminum engine head casting carousel; a 12 ton per hour sand reclaim system; and a refurbished 30 year old casting carousel including new safeties and robotic upgrades.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry makes the most of Brave's ability to integrate systems to solve unique challenges. A true integration project requires multiple processes to work as a single system. Specifying equipment to solve unique and original challenges and then tying all that equipment together to obtain the desired outcome. From managing the complete project to completing the electrical design and integration we have the experience and expertise to support your application.

Metal Forming/Welding

Brave personnel have been successfully executing press control systems integration and welding automation projects for over 20 years. Our staff has hands-on experience with numerous metal forming applications including; robotic transfer tandem lines, robotic mig and spot welding cells, safety upgrades, die protection, servo press feeders, hydraulic press control, retrofits, setup, tonnage calibration and upgrades. With our depth and breadth of experience we are well suited to design, service, and support your metal forming projects.

Automated Assembly

Brave brings over 80 years of industry experience to automated assembly projects. Our involvement spans initial concept through implementation. Whether we specify equipment, provide cycle time analysis, and integrate the entire system together or just add automation to a mechanical concept that has already been designed. Our experience adds value to the solution at every phase of the project.