The Situation: A large automotive metal forming company purchased a used 800 Ton servo press. This press was initially part of a Hydro forming line.

The Challenge: The company required the used press to be retrofitted and incorporated in to their stamping process...... in 4 weeks time. The press has been mothballed and was in disarray, the servo system was obscure.

The Task: It was clear that with the tight time line and budget a servo system upgrade was not realistic. The existing system would have to be understood and reused. Brave set out to make the system operational in parallel paths. 1. Find a method for support and training on the servo system. 2. Supervise the electrical installation to head off any potential problems prior to power up. 3. Modify the existing PLC and HMI programs to suit the new process.

The Results: The press made its production date requirements and is now the most reliable press at this facility. The servo system was setup and Brave was able to train the customer on its operation.

Braves Unique Value: This type of application requires a company that can adapt and think on its feet. There are surprises around each turn and with such a short time line there is no room to step back. Brave was able to leverage their extensive press experience, coupled with their servo and controls background, to diagnose and correct issues immediately, before the project was stalled.