The Situation: A Fortune 500 food processing company was using manual labour for product inspection. The line rate was 8 units per second. The company had chosen an engineering firm to provide a sophisticated vision system to inspect the product at the high rate of speed.

The Challenge: A specialist in high speed vision applications could perform the inspections, but need a controls company to translate their inspected data to the real world control.

The Task: The speed was a challenge. A servo system with pull nose conveyors was proposed and was integrated in to the existing process. When a poor quality unit was detected the pull nose would reject it to appropriate location.

The Results: The system worked remarkably well. The operators were reallocated to other less tedious areas of the plant and both productivity and quality increased with scrap being reduced almost immediately.

Braves Unique Value: This idea had been developed but the implementation was uncertain. Brave was able to specify a technology to facilitate the actual motion and integrate a new 5 axis servo system into their customers existing line creating a cohesive system.