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Brave can provide all services required to design, build and commission the controls for your automation or process project.

Project Management

Develop project plans
Develop bid specifications
Risk management
Project scheduling
Project budgets
Supplier / contractor management
Material and delivery management


PLC logic
Human machine interface
Motion control
Program conversion and upgrades


Electrical debug and testing
Installation and build
Part run-offs
Cycle-time improvement


Electrical design and drafting
Control panel build
Panel upgrades and retrofits
VFD / servo system upgrades
Legacy controller upgrades
Safety and guarding
Robotic reach studies


Conveyance and product transport
Tandem press lines
Robotic welding line
Robotic CNC tending
Robotic material handling
Aluminum and iron casting

Service and Support

Program recovery
Production support
Hardware failure diagnostics
Wiring debug
Robotic teaching




Brave professionals have been completing foundry project since 1996, with extensive industry experience in aluminum sand casting, iron sand casting, sand reclaim systems, bag house systems, and cleaning lines. Recent projects include a major aluminum engine head casting carousel; a 12 ton per hour sand reclaim system; and a refurbished 30 year old casting carousel including new safeties and robotic upgrades.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry makes the most of Brave's ability to integrate systems to solve unique challenges. A true integration project requires multiple processes to work as a single system. Specifying equipment to solve unique and original challenges and then tying all that equipment together to obtain the desired outcome. From managing the complete project to completing the electrical design and integration we have the experience and expertise to support your application.

Case Study

Food Processing Line

The Situation: A Fortune 500 food processing company was using manual labour for product inspection. The line rate was 8 units per second. The company had chosen an engineering firm to provide a sophisticated vision system to inspect the product at the high rate of speed.

The Challenge: A specialist in high speed vision applications could perform the inspections, but need a controls company to translate their inspected data to the real world control.

The Task: The speed was a challenge. A servo system with pull nose conveyors was proposed and was integrated in to the existing process. When a poor quality unit was detected the pull nose would reject it to appropriate location.

The Results: The system worked remarkably well. The operators were reallocated to other less tedious areas of the plant and both productivity and quality increased with scrap being reduced almost immediately.

Braves Unique Value: This idea had been developed but the implementation was uncertain. Brave was able to specify a technology to facilitate the actual motion and integrate a new 5 axis servo system into their customers existing line creating a cohesive system.

Drain and Fill

The Situation: A large food and beverage company purchased new drain and fill automation to modernize their liquor aging process.

The Challenge: The company was not satisfied with the original vendors control system. The system was causing significant production loss due to down time, requiring constant overtime. The customer had already paid for the system once so the budget to repair it was very low.

The Task: After reviewing the software it was clear that a repair was not possible and a complete rewrite would be required. The machine was broken into zones and tackled one zone at a time. Each new program section was run in parallel with the old program to verify its operation before being brought online. This approach saved many hours of down time during the changeover.

The Results: The controls system was now able to diagnose mechanical deficiencies and prompt the technicians when trouble occurred. When the mechanical system did malfunction the program was now able to recover from its last operation, thus saving an hour of down time per instance. The machine now recorded and displayed production data for the operators and the managers to track its progress.

Braves Unique Value: This type of application requires a company willing to work harder to achieve the same results. By being sensitive to the customers concern about down time Brave was able to achieve the end result with the lowest amount of down time. By using industry proven programming techniques Brave were able to deliver a control system that met the quality that they expected.

Metal Forming/Welding

Brave personnel have been successfully executing press control systems integration and welding automation projects for over 20 years. Our staff has hands-on experience with numerous metal forming applications including; robotic transfer tandem lines, robotic mig and spot welding cells, safety upgrades, die protection, servo press feeders, hydraulic press control, retrofits, setup, tonnage calibration and upgrades. With our depth and breadth of experience we are well suited to design, service, and support your metal forming projects.

Case Study

Servo Press

The Situation: A large automotive metal forming company purchased a used 800 Ton servo press. This press was initially part of a Hydro forming line.

The Challenge: The company required the used press to be retrofitted and incorporated in to their stamping process...... in 4 weeks time. The press has been mothballed and was in disarray, the servo system was obscure.

The Task: It was clear that with the tight time line and budget a servo system upgrade was not realistic. The existing system would have to be understood and reused. Brave set out to make the system operational in parallel paths. 1. Find a method for support and training on the servo system. 2. Supervise the electrical installation to head off any potential problems prior to power up. 3. Modify the existing PLC and HMI programs to suit the new process.

The Results: The press made its production date requirements and is now the most reliable press at this facility. The servo system was setup and Brave was able to train the customer on its operation.

Braves Unique Value: This type of application requires a company that can adapt and think on its feet. There are surprises around each turn and with such a short time line there is no room to step back. Brave was able to leverage their extensive press experience, coupled with their servo and controls background, to diagnose and correct issues immediately, before the project was stalled.

Refurbished Controls for Welding Cell

The Situation: A tooling company was awarded a project to build a robotic welding machine. The end customer, a Tier 1 automotive supplier, supplied a used control panel and 3 used Nachi Robots which they requested to reuse.

The Challenge: With a 12 week timeline the project delivery was extremely tight. The control panel and Robot were originally designed for a different system and were outdated.

The Task: Recondition the Robots and create a new design reusing as much equipment as possible. Create new Robot, PLC and HMI programs to ensure the final system would be user friendly robust.

The Results: The old control panel and robots were seamlessly integrated into the new tooling. The system exceeded the target cycle time and was delivered in time to meet production needs.

Braves Unique Value: Brave has extensive experience with respect to welding systems. All Brave employees are cross trained - our controls engineers, program the PLC, HMI, Robots and Weld Timers. This large skill set allows Brave to complete projects quicker and more cost effective, as the engineers can focus on any piece of the cell that requires attention regardless of the technology.

Automated Assembly

Brave brings over 80 man years of industry experience to automated assembly projects. Our involvement spans initial concept through implementation. Whether we specify equipment, provide cycle time analysis, and integrate the entire system together or just add automation to a mechanical concept that has already been designed. Our experience adds value to the solution at every phase of the project.


Brave specializes in the following technologies. Our experience and expertise is constantly expanding and we will be happy to take a look at any similar technology you may need help with.


Modicon / Telemecanique



Servos and Drives



Torque units
Welding timers
Burner control
PID control
Barcode reader and printers

Information Technology

Data collection and reporting
Database design and programming
Visual Basic, C++ C# programming
MTBF & MTTR Analysis



Our business model is simple: Solve industry's toughest challenges with a more cost-effective solution than our competition.

We attack our overhead costs by evaluating every decision with that in mind.

We value our relationships with our suppliers and partners, and leverage those relationships to offer the best possible price to our customer.

We solve tough challenges by hiring highly skilled, experienced people, and then compensating them appropriately. Brave technical employees are comprised of Engineers and Technologists and the average industry experience is over 12 years per employee.

Challenge us with your toughest problems and we’ll help you solve them with expertise and creativity at a price you can afford.


And if you'd like to join our team check out our careers and get in touch.



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